Jayesh S. Patel

Vice President & Principal

Licensed Professional Engineer and Planner

Jayesh S. Patel is an expert in all aspects of Engineering and Planning related to Land Development. Outstanding experience in site development, residential subdivision projects. Proficient in hydraulic/hydrologic modeling using various software, such as TR-55, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC 1, HydroCad, Hydraflow, and Stormwin.

Mr. Patel has testified before various planning boards. He is very knowledgeable of NJDEP’s new stormwater regulations amended March 2020. He is also very familiar with various NJDEP and USEPA environmental regulations and permitting process.


S P University, India
Bachelor of Science (Civil)
Major in Advanced Structural Analysis

Jayesh S. Patel NJ Licensed Engineer and Planner CREST Associations
Jayesh S. Patel


NJ Professional Engineer
License # 24GE03530600

NJ Professional Planner
License # 33LI00496900

PA Professional Engineer
License # PE043615R


Society of Indo American Engineers and Architects recognizes Jayesh S. Patel, P.E. for their 2022 Honoree. As Vice President & Principal at Crest Engineering, a Licensed Professional Engineer and Planner, and a highly successful Engineering & Planning career, your contribution to the profession is exemplary.

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