Company Profile

Professional Licenses/Certifications

NJ Licensed Engineers & Planners

Peter W. Strong
Lorali E. Totten
Jayesh S. Patel
Michael B. Intile

NJ Licensed Land Surveyors & Planners

Daniel P. Hundley
Peter R. Eshewsky
Gary P. Yuro

NJ Licensed Land Surveyors

Kenneth A. Whittington

NJ Licensed Landscape Architect & Planner

Richard P. Wiener

Certified Flood Plain Manager

Gary P. Yuro

Our Staff

Professional Licenses

  • Peter W. Strong P.E., P.P.
  • Lorali E. Totten P.E., P.P.
  • Michael B. Intile P.E., P.P.
  • Daniel P. Hundley P.L.S., P.P.
  • Richard P. Wiener L.L.A., P.P.
  • Peter R. Eshewsky P.L.S., P.P. *
  • Jayesh S. Patel P.E., P.P. *
  • Gary Yuro, PLS, PP, CFM
  • Ken Whittington, P.L.S.

* Licensed in NJ and PA

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