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Pine Beach Affordable Housing 6-unit affordable residential project, Pine Beach, NJ  – Approval

Lakewood Affordable Housing, 8-unit affordable residential project, Lakewood, NJ – Approval

Crystal Point Marina, Pool and building addition, Minor Site Plan, Brick, NJ – Approval


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Plan for your Pool in the Winter – yes Winter.

Did you know that during the freezing cold of winter is the time to start the process of installing a pool?

In the past, one could take a copy of an old survey, draw a pool on it and get a building permit…not anymore.

Now, a plot plan for a pool is like a mini-site plan.

  • The plot plan needs to show:
    • that the rainwater drains away from the pool and the house
    • that the imperviousness of added sidewalk or concrete pool patio is not too great
    • that the pool is not too close to the house, property line or other easements
    • that a fence of the correct height encloses the pool.

So, hire CREST to prepare a pool plan now so that it can be constructed in the spring before the summer.

A good referral for me would be the owner of your pool company or your neighbor who mentioned wanting a pool.

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