January 2020 Updates

CREST Monthly Updates Planning Long Branch, NJ – January 2020 Approval Project: Building Lot (Residential) for Habitat for Humanity Commercial Property Financial Transactions Require Special Type of Survey Financial transactions such as refinancing, buying or selling a commercial property generally require a special type of survey. So you are refinancing on your commercial property, what […]

December 2019 Updates

CREST Monthly Updates Planning Robbinsville, NJ – December 2019, Approval Project: 12,000 SF Office/Warehouse & Associated Parkingl Monroe Twp, NJ – December 2019, Monroe Place Apartments construction Completed Adding More Parking Spaces – Remember a Minor Site Plan may be Required Even adding more than three parking spaces to a parking lot may require a […]

November 2019 Updates

CREST Monthly Updates Planning Brick, NJ November 2019, ApprovalProject: Crystal Point Marina – 3000 SF Community Room & Pool Riparian Grant  A Riparian Grant is a deed from the State of New Jersey for the sale of its formerly flowed tidelands.  Obtaining a riparian grant is appropriate if any portion of the upland of the […]

October 2019 Updates

Tidelands Act: Tidelands, also known as riparian lands, are all lands that are currently and formerly flowed by the mean high tide of a natural waterway.  Barnegat Bay, a naturally tidal body of water, is an example of tidelands. However, New Creek, a tiny tidal stream that flowed through the city of Newark a century […]

September 2019 Updates

Wetlands Act of 1970: The land immediately adjacent to tidal water often contains coastal wetlands which are regulated under the Wetlands Act of 1970.  NJDEP regulates activities within coastal wetlands pursuant to the Wetlands Act of 1970, N.J.S.A. 13:9A-1 et seq. The Act required the Commissioner to inventory and map the boundaries of all coastal […]

August 2019 Updates

Why you Should Hire a Land Surveyor CREST Monthly Updates Planning Monroe Twp, NJ – Summer 2019 Kiddie Academy, Construction Completed Jackson, NJ – Jackson Town Center, Use Variance Approval for a mixed use development to allow apartments within the Neighborhood Commercial Zone. Professional land surveyors are the only people trained and licensed to make […]