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CREST Monthly Updates


Robbinsville, NJ – December 2019, Approval
Project: 12,000 SF Office/Warehouse & Associated Parkingl

Monroe Twp, NJ – December 2019, Monroe Place Apartments construction Completed

Adding More Parking Spaces – Remember a Minor Site Plan may be Required

Even adding more than three parking spaces to a parking lot may require a minor site plan.

According to the NJ State Planning 1997 Municipal Land Use Law, a “Site plan” means a development plan of one or more lots on which is shown (1) the existing and proposed conditions of the lot, including but not necessarily limited to topography, vegetation, drainage, flood plains,marshes and waterways, (2) the location of all existing and proposed buildings, drives, parking spaces,walkways, means of ingress and egress, drainage facilities, utility services, landscaping, structures and signs,lighting, screening devices, and (3) any other information that may be reasonably required in order to make an informed determination pursuant to an ordinance requiring review and approval of site plans by the planning board adopted pursuant to article 6 of this act.

Contact Crest Engineering if you are expanding your parking lot to ensure that your project is compliant with all laws and regulations. Get the BEST with CREST.

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