Posted by on November 26, 2019

CREST Monthly Updates


Brick, NJ November 2019, Approval
Project: Crystal Point Marina – 3000 SF Community Room & Pool

Riparian Grant 

A Riparian Grant is a deed from the State of New Jersey for the sale of its formerly flowed tidelands.  Obtaining a riparian grant is appropriate if any portion of the upland of the property was, at one time, flowed by the mean high tide.  That portion of the property that was formerly tidal is state-owned property despite the fact that it has been filled in and the former waterway is no longer evident.  The state-owned section of the property is known as a Tidelands Claim; a Tidelands Claim is a cloud on a property owner’s title regardless of whether or not that property owner is aware of the claim at the time of purchase.

Obtaining a riparian grant is not mandatory; however, a grant may be desired to clear title to a property encumbered with a Tidelands Claim. 

The current policy is to issue grants only for filled tidelands.  That is, the State of New Jersey no longer sells currently flowed tidelands. 

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